Great Friendship  -|+ Great Adventures

We have  been  friends  since  childhood.  Our  mothers  were  good  mates  who  shared  ideas,  recipes  and  a   chat. 

Over  the  years  our  friendship has survived  distance  and  the  busyness  of  bringing  up  our  own  children.  

Both  families  have travelled together & apart, with & without children.   And now occasionally with our grandchildren.


 Much  of  the  fun  has  been  in  planning  and coordinating the  trips  ourselves.  Our  travels  are  more  than  just  observing  –  we  love  to  immerse  ourselves  in  the  local  culture.  Do  rather  than  watch!  Get  on  a  bike,  climb  a  mountain,  learn  a  new  skill,  eat  the  local  food  and  drink  the  wines.  


Now  we  want  to  share  this  passion  with  like-minded  people  who  are  either  time  poor  or  just  not  sure  where  to  start!  

Christine and Cathy 

Celebrating the simple pleasures




A Stress-free Experience



Meals (if required)


Your Choice of Escape 

Cathy Allen

Cathy worked in the airline industry prior to having children.

Once becoming a full time Mum she put her hand to many ventures along the way to earn extra income to support the travel habit!

Now as a grandmother nothing much has changed - still travelling any chance she gets.

For the past 12 years Cathy has run a highly regarded B & B in the Highlands continually receiving 5 star ratings & brings this experience to Creative Escapes.

Christine Sanford

Christine trained in accounting and admin but made the change to running her own business in the Beauty Industry whilst the children were growing up. Travel rewards were included, which in turn created a desire to explore more of the world, more often.

Travel is now very much a part of anything she does.

Christine has had pleasure in letting her "home away from home" on the South Coast for the past 5 years and is now making it available for Creative Escapes.